Assurance to the Generous

Jun 18, 2023

Senior Pastor Young Ho Hwang continues with his series in the book of Philippians, preaching from Philippians 4:14-20. As Paul is ready to conclude this wonderful letter, he emphasizes that the Philippians not only share in his sufferings, but they also share joyfully out of their need, not out of their plenty. Do we live like that today? Do we bring our best, our first fruit, to God and to our fellow Christian brothers and sisters? Do our hearts, time, and talents flow back to God, as they are given in grace from Him to use for His kingdom? It is dangerous to give and to receive without grace, which leads to entitlement and self-centeredness. We are assured that the fruit of grace given back to God continues into eternity and is a credit to our account. Worship Jesus with our first fruits and not what is left over so that our heart and joy are truly in Him and not somewhere else? Live in such a way to serve God because He is God. Amen.