Mercy Ministry

Mercy Ministry

  • Assists in meeting the temporary needs of our PBC body during times of personal crisis and difficult situations.
  • Supplements care given by family members, friends and small group members when those support channels are not enough.  
  • Focuses on needs such as meals, transportation, visits, and encouragement.

 If you have a Need,  would like to Volunteer, or need to Contact us, complete the Form below and we will get back to you.

Mercy Ministry mission Statement

To extend the love of Christ by providing supplemental care and essential needs during significant times of physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges.

How does the Ministry work?
We use an organized approach that attempts to meet needs effectively so that no one is neglected or forgotten.

Each section of supplemental care  is comprised of a leader and a group of volunteers.


We try to provide a balanced meal to the individual/family in need.


Volunteer to cook a meal,  provide gift cards from local supermarkets/restaurants, or send a check to the family for take out.

Cards and Calls

We offer cheer, comfort, and encouragement to those on the monthly PBC Prayer Guide.


Volunteer to make a phone call or send a card.


We provide encouragement, prayer, and fellowship to those who are hospitalized, in assisted living/nursing homes, recuperating at home or homebound.


Volunteer to visit someone on your own, or with another volunteer.


We  provide transportation to doctor appointments, treatment centers or critical errands.


Volunteer to provide a ride.


We provide occasional help with household, and/or yard chores and critical errands, depending on the situation.


Volunteer to serve alone or with a group of volunteers to complete the needed task.


We are looking for those who can serve by coordinating volunteers as a Leader or as a Co-Leader.
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Let's work together.

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