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the life of David:

"Life Verses"

Senior Pastor Young Ho Hwang is is taking us through Life Verses this summer where we will commit them  to memory and have them for life!
We will meditate on each verse through personal study during the week, then together gain a deep understanding of the verse from Pastor Young's teaching on Sunday morning.
All welcome. Join us.

Our Sermon from this past Sunday is directly below.

Sermon: "A Great Invitation" 
Sunday, July 14, 2024

Youth Pastor Niki Blumetti continues with our sermon series for the summer on Life Verses. Verses to commit to memory and to have for life, preaching from Matthew 11:28-30. God Almighty invites us into His rest. True rest is embracing the God who loves us and the God who will judge our sin. He invites us into His forgiveness and to be right with Him. The very God who is our Judge invites us into His salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Find rest in God alone. Be yoked with Christ. Come.

Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes:  Matthew  4:4

This Week's Life Verse: 7/14/24

1 Corinthians 10:13