To Know Christ

May 7, 2023

Senior Pastor Young Ho Hwang continues with his series in the book of Philippians, preaching from Philippians 3:10-11. Do we use "extreme" terms when describing what we have in Jesus? Or are we more "moderate" in our walk with Him? Can we relate to Paul when tells us to "consider it all loss for the sake of Christ?" Really "knowing" Jesus is transformational. It is the purpose for our lives. Do we know Jesus as Lord and Savior? Is He ruler of our minds and hearts, or is social media, worldly pleasures, and the like? God shared Himself with us through Jesus Christ, and it is a privilege to share in Him, including in the fellowship His sufferings. We have a resurrection hope that in our death we go home, not to judgement, as deserved. It is not the tragedy it could be, but a living hope. Let's live out our lives in "extreme" thankfulness to our God and Father, in the knowledge of everything that has been given us through Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.