181 Piermont Ave. Hillsdale, NJ 07642 One Service @ 10:15 am

Visitor Information

Each Sunday morning we offer one worship service at 10:15 am. A typical service lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and includes singing of worship songs, the reading of Bible passages, times of prayer, a sermon and occasionally other special elements.

“What is the music like?” Our music is led by a worship band that uses modern instruments (guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, piano, flutes, etc).  While we sing predominately contemporary worship songs, we also include the great hymns. During our service we receive an offering in support of the local and world-wide ministries of Pascack Bible Church.   Once each month we celebrate communion, a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s death and forgiveness.

“What should I wear at PBC services?”  That is completely up to you.  We are a diverse congregation that dresses in diverse ways.  While some men might wear a coat and tie, most don’t.  While some women might wear a dress or skirt, many don’t.  Some people feel more comfortable in jeans, so come dressed as you like.

“Will I be identified as a visitor?”  We do not ask anything special of visitors to our services.  You will not be asked to stand  or raise your hand.  We do offer our guests a free gift bag  which you can pick up after the service if you like.   Again, there are no strings attached.

“What about my kids?” You are welcome to bring your children to the service, but we also offer excellent programs for your children at the same time if you prefer. You should plan on arriving a few minutes early so that you can check your children in at our Children’s Ministry Center located in our Annex building, which is next to our sanctuary building. For more info on those programs click here: Children’s Ministry.

“Can I bring my infant into the service?”  While we have a well staffed nursery to care for your infant, we want you to do what seems best for you.  Should you feel that your child is getting a little too restless in the service, feel free to move to the lobby area.  You will still be able to see and hear everything going on in the service, while having the freedom to stand, sit or attend to your child as needed.

Want to learn more about PBC?  Understanding our Mission & Values is a good start or contact us to begin a conversation.

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