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The Mercy Ministry @ PBC


Mission of The Mercy Ministry:

To extend the love of Christ to the body of Pascack Bible Church through the provision of supplemental care in meeting essential needs during significant times of physical, emotional, or spiritual challenge.

How does the Ministry work?

This Ministry attempts to provide an organized approach to needed care.  This approach ensures that needs are being met efficiently and that no one is falling through the cracks.

Each section of supplemental care – Meals, Cards/Calls, Visitation, Transportation, Miscellaneous – is comprised of a leader and a group of volunteers.

Leaders for the various sections of supplemental care provided by The Mercy Ministry are listed here:

Meals:  Belle Barnes   201-391-1394

Cards/Calls:  Manda Ngo   201-967-9343

Visitation: Faith Geruldsen   201-664-5614

Transportation:  Belle Barnes   201-391-1394

Miscellaneous [cleaning, errands, etc.]:   needed

Details of Supplemental Care



The Mercy Ministry attempts to provide at least a couple of meals per week to the individual/family in need, depending on the need and availability of other support channels.  The meal is delivered to the individual’s home.  We try to provide a balanced dinner that incorporates special diets, and likes and dislikes of the family in need.

Volunteers who want to participate in providing a meal, but do not cook, can give gift certificates, send a check to the family so that they may order “take out”, or provide a gift card to a local supermarket. Volunteers can work together to prepare meals, or if finances are an issue for someone who loves to cook, volunteers can contact Belle Barnes to see if any funds are available to assist in purchasing ingredients.  Sometimes people in need already have food in their refrigerators, but could really just use someone to help prepare the meal.

Remember the Mercy Ministry and the families in need:

-If you or your friends or family have a party and there are leftovers that need somewhere to go;

-If you have extra veggies from your garden that need to be used up;

-If you have meat from your freezer that can be spared

 Usually any type of assistance in this category will be used and appreciated during a time of crisis!



The Mercy Ministry makes phone calls and/or sends cards or letters of cheer or comfort to those on the PBC prayer list as well as those who have specifically requested this kind of encouragement.  Certain volunteers are assigned to make calls to update the written prayer requests, so that the church and the Mercy Ministry can know whether a particular situation has been improving or if the prayer request or individual’s needs have changed in any way.



We are currently in need of volunteers for this vital section of the Ministry.

The goal of the Mercy Ministry is to try and provide visitation to those who are hospitalized, in assisted living or nursing homes, those recuperating at home, as well as those who are homebound.  This can include the lonely, grieving, anyone dealing with a difficult illness or situation, or anyone in need of encouragement, prayer, and fellowship!


Women, men and teenagers can serve in this area of ministry.  Visitations will be assigned to volunteers based on what is deemed gender/age-appropriate.  It is not advisable for volunteers to visit someone of the opposite sex in their home unaccompanied.  If volunteers feel uncomfortable making visitations on their own, volunteers of the same gender may team up, or married couples may make visits together.

Please note that there are designated leaders assigned for men’s and women’s visitation.



The Mercy Ministry attempts to provide transport, when arranged in advance, to doctor appointments, cancer or other crucial treatments, and for critical errands. There might be an occasion where we could provide transportation for a last minute need.




A leader and volunteers are needed for this section of the Ministry.

The Miscellaneous section of the Mercy Ministry is reserved for people whose illness or difficult situation might leave them in an overwhelming state and where everyday tasks might seem impossible.  In the past, the Mercy Ministry and PBC have organized efforts to help persons with certain miscellaneous needs such as immediate necessary errands, food shopping, house cleaning, etc.

We are always accepting new volunteers.  Please pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you if the Mercy Ministry is an area where He would like you to serve Him.  Often, those of us who serve end up being the ones who are blessed by the person in need! Please contact Belle Barnes at (201) 391-1394.

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.    ~Galatians 6:10