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Our Mission & Core Values

Vision Statement:

It is the vision of Pascack Bible Church to carry out the Great Commission by building disciples that are grounded in the Word.  We seek to be a welcoming community where people are actively worshipping God, meeting each other’s spiritual and practical needs, and loving the world near and far.

Worship God:

The first and greatest commandment God has given us is to love and worship Him. We view our corporate worship services not as something we simply attend, but as something in which we fully participate.  We gather with a confident yet humble expectation that God will be powerfully present when we worship Him and we will be prepared to respond to His presence.  We encourage creativity in the planning and execution of our services.   We strive to make all aspects of our services as welcoming, understandable and relevant as possible to people who are just beginning to consider Jesus and the things of faith. But we do this while maintaining an unwavering commitment to the proclamation of biblical truth.  We encourage people to regularly and consistently participate in one of our weekly worship services. But, worship is not merely something we do at a service on Sunday mornings.  Rather, we are worshippers, people who have the opportunity to worship God at all times.  So we also are committed to encouraging people to be worshippers of God wherever they are.

Love one another:

Along with loving and worshipping Him, God has called us to love one another.  Rather than settle for shallow, superficial relationships, we encourage people to develop deep spiritual friendships, where high levels of trust, accountability and mutual care can take place.  We stress the importance of these relationships and create environments for them to develop and flourish.  We offer a variety of small group gatherings as one effective way to facilitate both the development of these relationships and the growth in the knowledge and practical application of the Bible to our everyday life.  We encourage every person in our church to participate in at least one of these groups.

Serve the world:

Jesus taught that if you want to be great you must begin by serving.  It is our desire to be a great church, therefore we must be a serving church.  People learn to serve the needs of others right here within our own congregation, but it doesn’t stop there.  We recognize that we have been blessed with tremendous resources and we specifically target more and more of those resources to serving the needs of people outside of our church.  Strategically, we see this beginning in areas geographically closest to us, so we offer many ministries to children, teens and their families, and seek to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in our local towns and nearby cities.   We also have not closed our eyes to the needs of people in much more distant lands and have partnered with other churches and individuals to meet those needs.  Over the past 20 years we have grown to have a special connection with the country of Albania and sent numerous people and other resources to that desperately needy country.


PBC’s Core Values

The following principles represent what this church is at its core.  These are the principles that drive us toward accomplishing everything that we do.  They answer the “Who we are” question.  At PBC’s core, we are:

Honoring of God’s Word
The Bible is central to everything we do.

Reliant on Prayer
Believing that God is actively involved in our world, we pray with expectancy.

We value significant relationships with other believers, relationships trump programs.

We strive to make God significant and accessible to everyone.

Honest Communicators
We speak openly and truthfully with love in all situations.

Committed to Excellence
We honor God by doing all things well.

We constantly look for the best way to do things, releasing people to use their abilities in innovative ways.

We actively share the Good News of Christ, near and far.

Kingdom Minded
We are just as concerned with God’s kingdom expanding as we are with the success of PBC.