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PBC Missions Ministry

“God is pursuing with omnipotent passion a world-wide purpose of gathering joyful worshipers for Himself from every tribe and tongue and people and nation…Therefore, let us bring our affections into line with His, and, for the sake of His name, let us renounce the quest for worldly comforts, and join His global purpose… Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t.”
~ John Piper

The vision of Pascack Bible Church is to help people Worship God, Love One Another and Serve the World. Put another way, we are trying to help people come to know, love and praise God, and then care for other people just like Jesus did, and to specifically serve the world through meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of other people.  This final component is something we truly value at PBC.  We look for opportunities to serve people outside our fellowship both in our local communities and in distant lands. Ultimately we believe that the greatest act of service we can provide is in helping people experience a life changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Therefore, our humanitarian efforts walk hand in hand with our proclamation of what we have come to know as the Good News of Jesus.

At Pascack Bible Church, we carry out this world-wide service commitment through our local staff, our own ministries and through others and their ministries, around the world. Many of our own have been called to minister in places like Japan, Turkey, Albania, and several of the countries of Africa. We regularly send individuals and teams of people out on special projects, both here in the United States and in distant lands. Through email, digital images, trips and partnerships, the world becomes our field. We have the opportunity to foster personal relationships with our “non-local staff,” those serving with various agencies all over the world. We have assembled this page to introduce you to those people and ministries that serve outside of our church.

World-Wide Mission Team

Along with our local PBC people who serve on the World Mission Team (WMT), the main component of our ministry are the full-time workers which we support in a variety of ways.

Josh Foster – Thank you from Frankie Films on Vimeo.

Brian and Ruth Clark – SIM USA – Extended Version from Genesis One Productions on Vimeo.

OAC Albania Presentation from Loren on Vimeo.


Cynthia Hagen     with    The Navigators

The mission of the Navigators is to know Christ and make Him known to the nations. Jesus Himself tells us the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We pray for God to raise up laborers for the Great Commission. My work with the People Resources Team of the Navigators contributes to missionaries being spiritually, emotionally and relationally whole and healthy. Missionaries are not superheroes and they at times need someone to help them. I meet one-on-one, in small groups and teach seminars when ministering to these laborers. Most of my work is with Navigator staff and missionaries, however God has allowed my team to influence many other mission agencies.


D & J D

D and J and their daughters T and E work in a small island nation off the coast of Africa. Although this country is a Muslim state, D and J are still permitted to be open and practice their faith while working as volunteers. D provides leadership for about 25 full-time foreign workers on the islands partnering with the government and local villages to provide services in needed areas.  This includes teaching English, providing medical
care and education, and developing local language resources while living among these people as friends and neighbors.  J is a full-time mom, unofficial nurse for the village and our team, and home school teacher for the girls—who also attend the local school in French.  Thank you for your prayers for strength and wisdom.


Mark and Jocelyn Scott     CRU

The Scotts have worked with the campus ministry of Cru in New Jersey since 1999.  They and their Jersey Metro Cru team, focus their efforts on bringing the gospel to the nearly half a million students at Jersey’s 60+ colleges and universities.  While they use a variety of methods to put the good news of Jesus into the hands of students (websites, newspaper articles, Freshman Survival Kit giveaways…), their primary approach involves discipling and coaching student leaders who run ministries and outreaches on their own campuses.  Mark is one of two Team Leaders for the Jersey Metro team, so he provides direction and structure for the team as a whole as well as coaching both students and staff.  Jocelyn disciples student women and functions as Cru’s Mid-Atlantic Moms’ Associate (coaching and leading staff women who have children in their six-state region), dividing her time between those roles and the needs of their children, Joy, William, and Jack.  Mark and Jocelyn are passionate about reaching our next generation of leaders with the gospel, building them up in their faith, and sending them out to reach their world.

 Mark & Penny Kretzschmar
Operation Mobilization

 Marc and Penny’s ministry continues to focus on leadership training and development.  However the past 18 months and for the next two years Marc is helping to lead a course called FD|24  (Financial Developer – 24 months).  It is a two year process that begins with a one week course, focused on helping OM fields in Africa, Asia and Latin America to become less dependent on outside funding and to see resources raised within their own countries.  So far 25 fields have sent  leaders to three courses, with two more scheduled for this year and four in 2015.  As part of the leadership team, Marc has have been working on developing the curriculum, trainers notes, participant notes, for the first course and now working on the second course (“Sustainability”) which participants take after their first year in the program.

Marc is still involved in the Leadership Matters Courses.  Eight of these are being held this year in 8 different countries.  He is scheduled to lead two of the LMC courses in 2015.

Penny continues to focus on the prayer ministry of OM participating in three times of extended prayer each week at OM.  Penny also does a lot of hospitality in our home, helps young mothers and has been involved in a women’s Bible Study at the local church they attend.

As part of Marc and Penny’s commitment to leadership development, they will be serving for 3 months with the Haggai Institute in Hawaii.  Their training program is for leaders from Africa, Latin America and Asia.  Marc and Penny are looking forward to Hawaii, but even more to seeing what they are doing for leaders and helping in their ministry. They are also looking at how they can work with Haggai Institute in the training they are doing with OM.

Assiena Maseko     Swaziland
   Bible Club Movement

Assiena has had a vital ministry for many years, holding Bible clubs in school, or as she puts it “I go to schools preaching to children the first 15 minutes before classes resume at 0800 hours. I used to visit 7 schools a week while I was in Mbabane meeting thousands of children but now I have moved to my parental home. I have already started the Lord’s work even there; frequently visiting two schools, conducting a Bible Club, started two prayer cell groups and going out encouraging the other Bible Club teachers around. Also we yearly have rallies for the children in different areas and further conduct interdenominational Sunday school teacher trainings, at times being invited to talk to churches on different topics. A lot of souls are being saved through the ministry the Lord has given me and I would like to give Him praise and further thank you for the offerings that makes the work successful. Praise be to God.”