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Adult School of Discipleship


The Adult School of Discipleship at PBC is designed to be a place where people can grow in the knowledge and love of God through studying the Bible. Additionally, these small group classes are the perfect place to meet other people and develop significant friendships. Take a look at our current course offerings and just show up, ready to learn, discuss, and grow!

The Gospel of Luke
Elder Terrance Nicholls
Room 20 (the classroom behind the sanctuary)

Verse by Verse, Life-Transformational Bible Study through the Gospel Book of Luke.  All are welcome.

Chronological Study of the New Testament
Dr. Larry Poston, Professor of Religion, Nyack College
Fellowship Hall Room 3

We will be continuing our chronological study of the New Testament picking up in the book of Hebrews, followed by 1 and 2 Peter, and then the remaining Letters of John, Jude, and the Revelation of John. All are welcome.

The Letter of Colossians
Elder, Todd Lukas
Fellowship Hall Room 1

The Colossians study is a verse by verse explication of this prison epistle. The Apostle is writing to a church he never saw but which was started through his preaching to Epaphras while pastoring the church in Ephesus. We will trace Paul’s work in the lives of his fellow workers, his instructions and warnings for the church and his strong stance against the creeping gnostic heresy. All are welcome!

Linda Samuelsen, Women’s Class
Fellowship Hall Room 10

A new study begins January 2018 in the book of Esther, which will take us through June.